City Council Passes Food Truck Ordinance

Glenwood's mobile food vendor ordinance is effective this week.

After more than two years of on-and-off discussions, the City of Glenwood has a food truck ordinance on the books.

The city council passed the third and final reading of a “Mobile Food Vendor” ordinance at its regular meeting, Tuesday, July 12.

The four-page ordinance includes specific guidelines of what’s permitted and what’s prohibited for mobile food vendors who operate within the city limits of Glenwood - on both public and private property.

The ordinance also includes requirements for signage, hours of operation, disposal of trash and other matters.

Some of the requirements and restrictions include:

* Mobile food vendors operating within the city limits will be required to pay a $25 application fee to the city in addition to a $200 fee for a six-month license or a $300 fee for a one-year license. The annual license will expire on Dec. 31 each year. Mobile food licensing applications are available at City Hall.

* The operator of the mobile food unit shall display their city license in full view of the public in or on the unit.

*Mobile food units would only be allowed to park on public property or a public street if approved to operate at special community events. The food trucks will be prohibited from parking within 100 feet of any facade, outdoor setting or ground level establishment that sells prepared food or beverages when on public property.

*Pushcarts are permitted in the ordinance to operate on city property but a minimum 48-inch open walkway must be maintained. Requests for authorization to vend within a city park or greenway (not as a part of a city permitted special community event) may be submitted no less than five days and no more than 15 days prior to the requested day of vending.

*Mobile food vendors must obtain expressed written consent of the property owner or lessee to use the property on which they propose to operate or from the city if a pushcart on public property. The written consent must be kept in the unit at all times the unit is on the property.

*The use of music or sound making devices as part of a mobile food unit shall be prohibited, unless expressly allowed as part of an approved event.

*Mobile food vendors shall serve persons who are on foot only; no drive-up service to the unit shall be provided or allowed.

*No mobile food unit may be located on a vacant property or lot with a vacant building.

*Mobile food units that are within 300 feet of a residential use or residentially-zoned property, shall be limited to hours of operation between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

*Signs are limited to those that are attached to the exterior of the mobile unit and must be mounted flat against the unit. No free-standing signs, banners, flags or similar items are allowed. Off-premises signage directing patrons to the mobile food unit are also prohibited.

*During hours of operation, the mobile food vendor shall provide a trash receptacle for use by customers and shall keep the area around the mobile food unit clear of debris and litter at all times.

Additional information regarding the ordinance is available from City Hall.

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