Hopp jumps into Rams’ record books

Jenna Hopp scored 36 points Saturday to become Glenwood’s career all-time leading scorer with 1,485 points.

Nearly a year to the day since Madison Camden topped Glenwood’s all-time scoring chart, Jenna Hopp is the Rams’ new career scoring champion.

Camden, now a guard at Peru State College, became the Rams’ scoring champ with a three-pointer in the Rams’ 70-49 win over Creston on Jan. 25, 2022. This past Saturday, Hopp poured in a career-high 36 points to top Camden, a former teammate. She actually surpassed Camden with her 25th point in the third quarter of a 56-48 loss to North Bend Central. Hopp currently sits at 1,485 points to Camden’s 1,472. She’s currently leading the Hawkeye 10 Conference in scoring at 24.7 points per game.

Not bad for a guard that recalls not scoring in the first half of her very first varsity game as a freshman for the Rams. Of course, she did hit a three for her first bucket and finished her first varsity game with a team-high 21 points.

“I didn’t score until the second half of the TJ game and I scored 21,” Hopp said. “But my first was a definitely a three.”
Hopp, who has signed to play basketball for South Dakota State next season, doesn’t feel like the record has sunk in and doubts it will until after the season when she takes a moment to look back.

“We have a lot of big goals for this season and a lot work still left to do so I’m just keeping that goal in my head and not personal achievement,” she said. “But it does definitely feel good to get it.”

She felt like she was in a groove offensively against North Bend but didn’t have any idea just how many points she had until after the game.

“I was just doing my part attacking the gaps when I saw them and shooting when I needed to and putting in a lot of free throws which helps a lot,” she said.

Glenwood coach Bryan Rasmussen isn’t at all surprised Hopp put herself in this position. Sure, she’s skilled and talents but she’s also among the hardest workers and best teammates he’s coaches.

“We have a lot of great kids and a lot of kids that can play basketball and there’s so many deserving of records,” the coach said. “Madison last year, certainly deserved it. And Jenna is the epitome of a team player. She honestly, probably could have done this a lot earlier but she does really well with stepping up when she has to step up and sharing it with her teammates. She’s shown that the last four years.”

When asked if the coach saw that gangly freshman phenom four years ago and thought she could be here where she is, he was unequivocal.

“One hundred percent,” he said. “But you have to play the games and you have to stay healthy. She’s done a good job taking care of herself and her body and making sure she stays in good shape and can play the minutes that she plays and works as hard as she can and do it all staying healthy. We will continue to watch her on TV and be successful going forward.”

The fact Hopps broke the record of her friend and former teammate is bittersweet. She’s always seen Camden like a mentor, helping her on and off the court. When things got tough physically and mentally, they were always there for each other.

“It feels good because growing up, she was always such a good player,” Hopp said. “She kind of always dominated me when I was younger and she’s a great shooter too. It feels great to get that record but also I know she’ll be happy for me. It feels nice, we were good teammates together.”


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