Fremont-Mills, East Mills have strong showings at Stanton Co-ed

The Fremont-Mill girls were second and the boys fourth at the Stanton Co-ed Track Meet at Griswold on Thursday.

The F-M girls tallied 122 points for its runner up finish behind team champion Riverside’s 197 points. The East Mills girls were sixth with 51 points. On the boys’ side, Riverside edged ACGC 120 to 119 to win the team titles. Fremont-Mills finished with fourth with 67 points, 1.5 points ahead of the East Mills boys in fifth place.

The Knights girls notched seven gold medals at the meet.

Fremont-Mills coach Kyle Fichter said the wind didn’t make it easy on event at Griswold, but he still felt his team performed really well. Some times, he said, showed no effect by the wind like he expected.

The Knights’ 4x8-meter relay of Wilson, Ellie Switzer, Ella Thornton, Tegan Ewalt broke the school record. Hannah Wilson continued her strong start. So far this season she had competed in eight events and placed first in all eight.

“The whole team is performing ahead of where we thought they might be this early,” he said.

Wilson (400-meter hurdles), Emily Madison (high jump) and Lana Alley (long jump) all won individual golds. The Knights added golds in the shuttle hurdle (1:10.46), sprint medley (2:00.44) and distance medley (2:00.44).

Wilson also ran on shuttle hurdle and distance medley relays.

Cooper Marvel led Fremont-Mills with a top finish in the shot put. He also added a second place showing in the discus.

The Knights’ distance medley relay team of Paxten VanHouten, Payten VanHouten, J.W. Linkenhoker and Dylan Linkenhoker finished second.

East Mills coach Claude Lang agreed the wind was a factor but a factor his team dealt with well.

“We had a lot of hard working, determined athletes push through it to make themselves better,” he said. “I am impressed with all of the East Mills track athletes for the amount of support they give each other throughout the meet.  It was fun to watch, and I hope it continues all season.  

The East Mills girls were led by Emily Williams gold in the 100-meter hurdles. Jenna Thornburg added a second-place finish in the 200-meters.

“It is great to have this many girls out for track, competing and supporting each other,” Lang said. I am able to mix up a few things to see what everyone is good at.”

East Mills’ 4x100-meter relay team of Zach Thornburg, Mason Crouse, Caleb Urban and Davis McGrew ran a 46.53 for first place. The Wolverines’ added second place showings in the 4x200-meter and shuttle hurdle relays.

“Our seniors did a great job of setting the tone for us in the second meet of the week,” Lang said of his boys squad.

Stanton Co-ed Track Meet
Girls Team Results

1. Riverside, 197.5. 2. Fremont-Mills, 122. 3. Stanton, 84. 4. ACGC, 72.5. 5. Griswold, 51.5. 6. East Mills, 51. 7. Southwest Valley, 48. 8. Essex, 37.5. 9. Sidney, 33. 10. Heartland Christian, 27. 11. Hamburg, 7.

East Mills Girls
Top Medal Winners

100m dash: fifth place, Alysia Montgomery, 15.56.
200m dash: second place, Jenna Thornburg, 29.06.
400m dash: third place, Cloe Brown, 1:10.61.
100m hurdles: first place, Emily Williams, 16.80.
4x400m relay: third place, East Mills (Miah Urban, Aspen Crouse, Jenna Thornburg and Williams), 4:36.75.
Sprint medley relay: fourth place, East Mills (Thornburg, Natalie Goodman, Urban and Williams), 2:03.10.
Distance medley relay: fifth place, East Mills (Addy Goy, Lisa King, Aspen Crouse and Sophie Morrical), 5:22.96.
High jump: fourth place, Cloe Brown, 4’ 8”.

Fremont-Mills Girls
Top Medal Winners

100m dash: seventh place, Kimber Wederquist, 15.81.
400m dash: sixth place, Braxie Moreland, 1:15.35.
800m run: seventh place, Mylie Hughes, 3:01.84.
100m hurdles: sixth place, McKenna Woods, 19.22.
400m hurdles: first place, Hannah Wilson, 1:11.19.
4x100m relay: second place, Fremont-Mills (Lana Alley, Bella Gute, Carlie Chambers and Izzy Weldon), 55.14.
4x200m relay: second place, Fremont-Mills (Weldon, Gute, Emily Madison and Chambers), 1:57.50.
4x400m relay: second place, Fremont-Mills (Ellie Switzer, Chambers, Madison and Teagan Ewalt), 4:31.81.
4x800m relay: first place, Fremont-Mills (Wilson, Switzer, Ella Thornton and Ewalt), 10:44.58.
Sprint medley relay: first place, Fremont-Mills, (Alley, Gute, Weldon and Ewalt), 2:00.44.
Distance medley relay: first place, Fremont-Mills (Alley, Chambers, Ewalt and Wilson), 4:36.69.
Shuttle hurdle relay: first place, Fremont-Mills (Weldon, Wilson, Gute and Madison), 1:10.46.
High jump: first place, Madison, 5’ 1”.
Long jump: first place, Alley, 16’ .75”.
Shot put: third place, Macy Mitchell, 32’ 9”.
Discus: fourth place, Mitchell, 89’ 4.50”.

Boys Team Results
1. Riverside, 120. 2. ACGC, 119. 3. AHSTW, 94. 4. Fremont-Mills, 67. 5. East Mills, 65.5. 6. Griswold, 52. 7. Stanton, 50. 8. Tri-Center, 45. 9. (tie) Sidney and Southwest Valley, 9. 11. West Harrison, 23. 12. Essex, 15.5. 13. Heartland Christian, 1.

East Mills Boys
Top Medal Winners

200m dash: third place, Mason Crouse, 25.21.
400m dash: second place, Davis McGrew, 53.02.
3200m run: fifth place, Anthony Obermiller, 12:06.93.
110m hurdles: third place, Peyton Embree, 17.40.
4x100m relay: first place, East Mills (Zach Thornburg, Crouse, Caleb Urban and McGrew), 46.53.
4x200m relay: second place, East Mills (Thornburg, Crouse, Jiri Brodigan and Jackson Embree), 1:40.48.
4x400m relay: seventh place, East Mills (Cooper Hagen, Brodigan, Jordan Williams and Walter Seipold), 4:30.73.
4x800m relay: sixth place, East Mills (Layne Mastin, Seipold, Camryn Johnson and Hagen), 10:08.63.
Shuttle hurdle relay: second place, East Mills (Jackson Embree, Peyton Embree, Brodyn Wray and McGrew), 1:09.36.
High jump: seventh place, Jackson Embree, 5’ 4”.

Fremont-Mills Boys
Top Medal Winners

100m dash: fifth place, Payten VanHouten, 12.60.
3200m run: third place, Ike Lemonds, 11:50.23.
110m hurdles: fifth place, J.W. Linkenhoker, 18.32.
4x100m relay: fourth place, Fremont-Mills (Paxten VanHouten, Payten VanHouten, Carter Rycroft and Jonathan Ekpai), 49.07.
4x200m relay: sixth place, Fremont-Mills (Paxten VanHouten, Rycroft, Lawson Kling and Ekpai), 1:44.70.
4x400m relay: third place, Fremont-Mills (Dylan Linkenhoker, Landon Baker, Sam Sanchez and Lemonds), 4:04.58.
Sprint medley relay: third place, Fremont-Mills (Paxten VanHouten, Payten VanHouten, J.W. Linkenhoker and Dylan Linkenhoker), 1:48.01.
Distance medley relay: second place, Fremont-Mills (Paxten VanHouten, Payten VanHouten, Dylan Linkenhoker and Lemonds), 4:14.52.
High jump: fifth place, J.W. Linkenhoker, 5’ 4”.
Long jump: seventh place, Ekpai, 17’ 10.75”.
Shot put: first place, Cooper Marvel, 51’ 2.75”.
Discus: second place, Marvel, 133’ 9”.

Knights first, fourth
at Bedford

The Fremont-Mills girls ran away with the team title at the Bulldog Relays in Bedford last Tuesday.

The Knights won eight events and compiled 170 points to easily out-pace runner up Nodaway Valley’s 102 points.

Hannah Wilson had a big day for the Knights, winning four gold medals. The sophomore ran to individual gold medals in the 800-meters, 1500-meters and 3000-meter and ran a leg on the gold-medal winning shuttle hurdle relay with Emily Madison, Izzy Weldon and Bella Gute.

Fremont-Mills added gold medals in the 4x400-meter and 4x800-meter relays and got top individual finishes from Izzy Weldon in the 100-meters and Teagan Ewalt in the 400-meters.

Weldon won the 100-meter hurdles (17.18), and Teagan Ewalt claimed first in the 400 (1:02.19). Ewalt was part of the winning 4x400 squad (4:32.28), while the Knights also claimed top honors in the 4x800 (11:30.18).

On the boy’s side, the host Bulldogs won the team title with 97 points. Fremont-Mills was fourth with 66 points.

The Knight boys notched gold medals in the sprint medley and distance medley relays.

Ike Lemonds added a second place showing in the 3,200-meters and a third in in the 1,600.

Bedford Co-ed Meet
Girls Team Results

1. Fremont-Mills, 170. 2. Nodaway Valley, 102. 3. Wayne-Corydon, 100. 4. Griswold, 52. 5. Lenox, 47. 6. Southwest Valley, 41. 7. Bedford, 36. 8. East Union, 30. 9. CAM, 6. 10. Orient-Macksburg, 5.

Fremont-Mills Girls
Top Medal Winners

100m dash: fourth place, Lana Alley, 13.90.
100m hurdles: first place, Izzy Weldon, 17.18.
400m dash: first place, Teagan Ewalt, 1:02.19.
400m hurdles: second place, Lana Alley, 1:18.05.
800m run: first place, Hannah Wilson, 2:36.38.
1500m run: first place, Wilson, 5:36.80.
3000m run: first place, Wilson, 11:50.56.
Discus: fourth place, Macy Mitchell, 86’ 7”.
High jump: second place, Emily Madison, 5’.
Long jump: second place, Carlie Chambers, 14’ 10.5”.
Shot put: fifth place, Lindze Smith, 31’ 2.75”.
Sprint medley relay: third place, Fremont-Mills, 1:58.80.
4x100m relay: third place, Fremont-Mills, 57.12.
4x200m relay: second place, Fremont-Mills, 1:59.32.
Shuttle hurdle relay: first place, Fremont-Mills, 1:11.26.
4x400m relay: first place, Fremont-Mills, 4:32.28.
4x800m relay: first place, Fremont-Mills, 11:30.18.
Distance medley relay: second place, Fremont-Mills, 4:58.06.

Boys Team Results
1. Bedford, 97. 2. Lenox, 88. 3. CAM, 82. 4. Fremont-Mills, 66. 5. Wayne-Corydon, 63. 6. Nodaway Valley, 53. 7. Southwest Valley, 51. 8. Griswold, 34. 9. East Union, 31. 10. Orient-Macksburg, 24.

Fremont-Mills Boys
Top Medal Winners

100m dash: eighth place, Jonathan Ekpai, 12.85.
110m hurdles: seventh place, J.W. Linkenhoker, 18.45.
200m dash: third place, Payten VanHouten, 24.89.
1600m run: third place, Ike Lemonds, 5:22.23.
3200m run: second place, Lemonds, 11:18.07.
Long jump: third place, Ekpai, 17’ 10.5”.
Sprint medley relay: first place, Fremont-Mills, 1:46.15.
4x100m relay: second place, Fremont-Mills, 49.00.
4x200m relay: fifth place, Fremont-Mills, 1:44.89.
Shuttle hurdle relay: fourth place, Fremont-Mills, 1:13.56.
4x400m relay: seventh place, Fremont-Mills, 4:19.55.
4x800m relay: fourth place, Fremont-Mills, 10:37.21.
Distance medley relay: first place, Fremont-Mills, 4:06.46.


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