County Approves Solar, Renewable Energy Measures

After more than a year of research and discussion, Mills County finally has an updated ordinance for solar energy and approval from the board of supervisors to include a renewable energy chapter in the county’s comprehensive plan.

Second and third readings of the measures were passed at the May 9 board of supervisors meeting.

Mills County Building and Zoning Department personnel and members of the Mills County Planning and Zoning Commission developed the amendments to the county solar ordinance already in place. The commission’s recommendations were presented to the board of supervisors for approval.

The county’s solar ordinance addresses several areas, including the permitting process, setbacks, groundcover standards, landscaping buffer, fencing, maintenance, storm water management, aviation protection, agricultural impact mitigation and decommissioning.

A unique aspect of the Mills County ordinance is the use of a pollinator scorecard, designed to encourage the planting of pollinator-friendly groundcovers.


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