City Council Won't Resurrect Chicken Ordinance

The Glewood City Council will not bring back an ordinance to permit chickens within the city limits.

After further review, Glenwood’s policy of not allowing chickens to be housed or raised within the city limits stands.

At the recommendation of the city council’s Administration sub-committee, the council has decided not to bring back a controversial ordinance that previously permitted chickens within the city limits.

Sub-commitee members Christina Duran and Donnie Kates reviewed the matter after resident Jackie Magnussen came before the full city council last month with a request for the city to reverse council action taken in June 2021 that removed the chicken ordinance (passed in 2016)  from the city code.

“We have carefully considered the request to allow chickens in city limits,” Kates stated while presenting the sub-committee’s recommendation at last Tuesday’s regular city council meeting. “At this time, we do not feel it is administratively possible with current staffing or in the best interest of the larger Glenwood community to allow chickens in the city limits. We are recommending the city council not allow chickens within Glenwood city limits.”

In addition to enforcement concerns, the sub-committee’s two-page report and recommendation presented to the full city council cited public safety issues, predatory animal concerns and potential community disputes over noise, odor and other nuisance issues for its decision.

During her presentation in May,  Magnussen said,  “First and foremost, permitting chickens in city limits promotes sustainable living. Backyard chickens not only promote a more conscientious lifestyle, but  also contributes to the local food security by providing fresh eggs.”

Magnussen presented results and signatures from an online petition she started in favor of a chicken ordinance, however she was unable  to confirm how many of the signatures were actually from citizens who live within the city limits of Glenwood.

At the same meeting in May, Glenwood resident Brent VonEssen encouraged the council not to bring back a chicken ordinance.

VonEssen noted that the chicken ordinance in 2016 was passed by the city council despite widespread opposition from residents of the Glenwood community.


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