City Council Approves Funds For Rec Complex Concession Stand

The Glenwood City Council has approved construction of a concession stand building for the ballfields at the Glenwood Recreation Complex. A facility for City Field on South Vine Street is on hold.

The City of Glenwood is moving forward with one concession stand project and putting another on hold.

Following lengthy discussion at its regular meeting Jan. 24, the city council voted to approve the construction of a concession stand this spring for youth ball fields at the Glenwood Recreation Complex on East Sharp St., while agreeing to explore its options for a similar facility at City Field on South Vine Street.

The city council had previously designated $200,000 for the two projects when it approved $2.5 million in General Obligation bond debt in 2019. The combined bids for the two projects came in at more than $352,000.

“We only had $200,000 slated so we’ll need to have some discussion about the additional money,” Glenwood City Administrator Amber Farnan said.

Mark Hughes Construction submitted the lone bids for the projects - $158,315 for the Glenwood Recreation Complex and a total of $194,099 at the Vine Street field. The Vine Street Field bid includes over $40,000 for bringing in and compacting around 6 feet of dirt that would be required to build the concession stand high enough to meet flood plane requirements.

Jake Zimmerer, the city’s engineering consultant from Eagle Engineering, said plans called for the six-foot raise to be graded to the west, which would allow for vehicles to drive around the site. Zimmerer said some parking spaces at the field would be lost as a result.

In addition to not having the money to fund both projects, Mayor Ron Kohn and members of the city council voiced concerns about the physical and aesthetic impact of building the facility on a “pedestal” six feet off the ground.

“All that excavation is really going to change that site considerably,” Kohn said.

Council members agreed that the Vine Street facility should be reevaluated and discussed and challenges to the project should be explained to representatives from baseball and softball leagues that use the field and to local pickleball players, who play on the courts adjacent to the ballfield. Council members also voiced the need to include those same groups in future discussions regarding a concession stand / restroom facility at the site.

Council members Holly Jackson and Donnie Kates broached the idea of moving forward with construction of a building at the recreation complex.

“We have the money to do at least one of them,” Jackson said. “I think in good faith, go forward on that (recreation complex) and reevaluate what we’re doing on Vine Street.”
Kates echoed a similar view.

“There’s nothing out there at Sharp Street (recreation complex). Both fields have their amount of activity, but that’s where the majority of the kids play,” he said. “Start down there and then start talking how we’re going to get money for Vine Street. Revisit it down the road and see where we’re at.”

Hughes, who was in attendance at the meeting, concurred with council member concerns about the Vine Street project.

“Adding six feet to that area, I agree with everybody,” he said. “I think it needs more thought.”

Hughes suggested the city explore the possibility of remodeling and expanding the existing building at the site, which might be allowable under flood plane regulations.

“Maybe a guy could look at what you have down there and see if there’s a possibility to make it all work with the current block building and maybe make it 50 percent bigger,” he said.

Hughes told council members weather will determine how long it takes for construction to be completed this spring at the recreation complex.

“We’ll start as soon as we can, weather-related,” he said. “Although council would like to have it done by June 1, weather will dictate.”

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