Glenwood Hosts Dick Bauman Jazz Festival

Glenwood had two high school jazz bands and one middle school jazz band perform at the Dick Bauman Jazz Festival.

Glenwood hosted the 23rd annual Dick Bauman Jazz Festival on President’s Day.

High school and middle school bands from throughout southwest Iowa performed at Glenwood Community High School - in the auditorium and auxiliary gymnasium.

Bauman was a music educator and a member of the Iowa Jazz Educator’s Hall of Fame. He was recognized as “one of the few educators who establihed outstanding jazz programs at the junior high, senior high and college levels.”

Bauman started a jazz program in Creston, where he taught in the school district, and was also the instrumental music director at Southwestern Community College. He hosted many clinics and jazz camps and started the Creston Jazz Festival in 1969.

Bauman died of cancer in 1999. The traveling jazz festival is now held annually in his honor.
Glenwood had two bands perform in Class 3A. The Glenwood 1 Band was awarded second place and the Glenwood 2 Band placed fourth. Glenwood received the award for Outstanding Trumpet Section.
East Mills placed sixth in Class 1A.

Dick Bauman Jazz Festival Results

High School Class 1A - 1. Tri-Center, 2. Griswold, 3. Logan-Magnolia, 4. Riverside, 5. Audubon, 6. East Mills.

High School Class 2A - 1. Treynor (One), 2. IKM-Manning, 3. Clarinda, 4. Treynor (Two), 5. Underwood.

High School Class 3A - 1. Harlan Jazz Experience, 2. Glenwood (One), 3. Harlan Jazz Ensemble, 4. Glenwood (Two), 5. Atlantic.

High School Class 4A - 1. Lewis Central, 2. Denison (One), 3. C.B. Abraham Lincoln (One), 4. Denison (Two), 5. C.B. Thomas Jefferson.

Middle School Classes 1A/2A - 1. Treynor, 2. Tri-Center; 3. Clarinda; 4. Audubon, 5. Riverside.

Middle School Classes 3A/4A - 1. Harlan, 2. Glenwood, 3. Lewis Central, 4. Creston.

Glenwood received the middle school awards for Outstanding Trumpet Section and Outstanding Trombone Section.


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